Strategy Session

Let’s talk a little bit about consultations:

Free Consultations:

Now, we all know the lawyers that will give free consultations.

Typically, those consultations are ones where you speak with the lawyer for a very short period of time.

They typically tell you what types of law they practice and what their typical rates are.

It is not a full-blown meeting with the lawyer, where they sit down and look at your situation.


Paid Consultations:

Now, paid consultations are a longer meeting with the lawyer, usually an hour, where the lawyer has been provided with some documents to review ahead of time.

Typically, the lawyer will sit down with you, will listen to your story, get more information if they need it and then they’ll talk to you about what the law says, how it applies to your situation and whether they can help you.

It’s just a much more in depth type of consultation. At the end of the meeting the lawyer will send you a reporting letter with your options and a plan.


In a consultation where you don’t pay, typically the lawyer just wants a 30,000-foot view of your case, and then they can tell you whether or not that’s the type of case they take and what their fee is.

In a paid consultation, the lawyer is getting most, if not all of your information so that they can give you legal advice and let you know if they can help you and if they can, here’s the plan. So not all consultations are created equal.

Here at PeffersLaw, we don’t want your 30,000-foot view. 

We really want to sit down and talk to you and find out about your situation.

So, please call the office (905) 592 20 99.
We’d love to talk to you today and schedule your Strategy Session