How do I pick a Guardian for my kids?                                                                                     A quick guide for selecting a guardian for your minor children. 

As a parent, thinking about a world where your kids are vulnerable and alone without you to hug them and tell them it’ll be alright, is absolutely devastating. However somber the thought may be, for your kids ́ sake, you must plan ahead and decide who is going to take care of them when you’re not able to. This is where most people get stuck.


You know you want someone who is better than foster care or the government speaking on your behalf. Don’t waste years trying to decide who should be the guardian of your minor children if something happens to you, we are here to help you.

Follow these steps that will help you help you pick the best guardian for your kids. We know this is hard, but be strong and courageous when filling the blanks:

1. Create a list of everyone you know, without judgement.

2. Write the values, strengths, and qualities that you think are best suited for the guardian.

3. Rank the values in order of importance to you and your kids.

4. Compare your list of people with your list of values, add the values you think each people have 

5. It’s time to pick the best ones to take care of your kids if the unthinkable happens, we suggest you have 2 or 3 people in case an alternate is needed.

We know that choosing your guardian can be very overwhelming  and that you may be feeling stuck, that’s why we are here to help you!


 We want to be part of your team!

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