Liliana Rodriguez

Liliana Rodriguez

Client Experience Specialist

Meet Liliana, our dedicated Client Intake Specialist who brings over 10 years of customer service experience to our team. Having worked in various industries such as travel agencies and retail support, Liliana has developed a deep understanding of client needs and how to provide exceptional service. Her client-centric approach ensures that every client interaction is personalized, efficient, and effective.

Liliana takes great pride in serving and assisting clients, and finds true fulfillment in being able to help others. Her passion for exceptional customer service is evident in every interaction, as she goes above and beyond to meet client needs and exceed expectations.

When Liliana is not busy serving our clients, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. Cooking and reading are among her favorite pastimes, and she finds joy in exploring new recipes and discovering new books to read.

Please feel free to call Liliana at (905) 592-2099 or email her at

Office Hours

Monday – Friday – 9:00 – 5:00

Sat & Sun – Closed *special appointment only

Holidays – Closed *special appointment only


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57 Martin Street
Milton, Ontatio L9T 2R1

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