207 Mary Street Law Offices

We have recently acquired the Estate Planning documents of the former practice of Nichols & Servos, and Indech Law Chambers (Milton Area Documents).  During our review of those documents we became aware that the 207 Mary Street location has been a law office for many, many years.  We now have in our possession Wills from the 1800s.  It was a great discovery for us.  We have created a database of all those documents, preserving them by way of scan, and they are now secure in our Wills Vault. 

We invite you to let us know if you or any of your family members had Will(s) and/or Power(s) of Attorney prepared or stored at 207 Mary Street, so that we may update our records and introduce ourselves as the firm that now carries on the practice of Law in this historic building.  We would like to hear from you.