– Pick your Team Wisely –                                                                                     Make sure you have the right team behind you to protect your legacy! 

You need a skilled team of advisors who are knowledgeable business professionals. We know that the process of picking the right team can be challenging and overwhelming, that’s why we created this article, to share our tips on how to pick your team wisely.


1. Define what success looks like for you:

These are some ideas for you to consider to get started:

– Identify your core values, this way your team of advisors can ac- curately establish the right plan for you to succeed. Once you have identified your core values, look for professionals who share simi- lar beliefs.

– Be sure about what you want to accomplish

– What are your goals? This will provide a focal point for your team of advisors.

– Do your best to be organized and serious about your future – make sure you gather all relevant information so your advisory team can see how important this is for you. Not sharing information with your advisors could hurt you in the future.

– Accept that there will be obstacles along the way and it is likely that your team of advisors will change over time. Being aware of this can help you adjust to the transitions.

– For success to exist it needs to be continuous process, make sure that your progress is being monitored and that changes are made based on the results of your success.


2. Look out for the professionals that could be right for you:

Think about which professionals are the right ones who can

help you achieve each phase of your plan, the way that you want them to. Consider the advisors in your network and consider them candidates. Look out for accountants, bankers, lawyers, financial advisors, realtors, and contractors.

3. Evaluate your candidates:

Take the time to evaluate each potential advisor, take your time, and thoroughly evaluate each one of them. Our tip is to look for reviews and personal references. Use all of the information you gather about them and see who does, and does not, meet your requirements.


4. Interview potential advisors:

Have an interview with your candidates so you can make the right selection. Sometimes things look better on paper, so you want to be certain that what they put on paper is the same as they convey in person. We suggest you have a list of planned questions to ask each potential advisor, so you can cover everything you need to.

5. Discuss your goals and expectations:

It is important for you to engage, participate and collaborate with the advisory team you selected. Be clear about your goals and expectations, let them know what parts of the process you would like to handle by yourself and what you expect from them.

Each member of your team plays a critical part in helping you achieve the future you want. Don’t worry about being picky, remember you are the expert of your life, and the professionals are the experts on their field of work, so they will help you succeed! 


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